Thursday, March 8, 2012

Progress for Calvin

Calvin will be 17 months on Saturday and no, he still isn't walking or talking, at least he isn't saying anything we recognize, yet.  But, Calvin is making progress.  He's finally getting into everything.  He's been fascinated with doors for a long time, but now he's able to open all the cabinet doors and take everything out.  Sometimes he even goes in.

I have now seen Calvin pull up to his feet once.  Only once.  He pulls up to his knees lots and is so proud that he can see over the top of his crib.  Can you see the pride?


He even gets his foot in there, but won't pull all the way up.  He's starting to babble more and more, which is good.    He just laughs at me when I say, "Mama".  Sometimes he says, "Da da da da da".  And sometimes even, "Bu bu bu bu".  I think he's toying with me.  He tries to wave now by sticking his arm straight out.  Hey, it's progress.  Calvin is operating on his own timetable.  I'm just going to enjoy each accomplishment.  He does.

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