Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monk's standardized testing results

I don't know about you, but one of my biggest fears as a homeschooling mom is whether my kids are on grade level for each subject.  I guess the fear isn't THAT great since I never give them standardized tests, but it has been a concern.  Monk is going to a private school for 8th grade next year and they gave him a standardized test Tuesday to make sure he's on grade level.  I was surprised by the results.  Here are some interesting facts I learned.

1.  Monk is slow.  I guess I knew that since he's often still finishing school at 5 pm or later.  He's very bright, but takes his time.  He needs to work on his speed before taking the SAT in a few years.

2.  I thought Monk was a math genius since he's 2-3 grades ahead in math.  He did score one year ahead on the math exam, but the test didn't cover anything beyond arithmetic so the grade level was based on percent accuracy, I suppose.  Still, I was happy that his score put him on 9th grade level (he's finishing 7th now).  He'll take the Algebra I and II finals before starting next year since he'll be skipping those classes.  His grade on each final will go on his transcript as his grade for the respective class.  This way he'll be able to skip to Geometry.  I'm a little nervous about these exams so we'll be preparing for those in future weeks.

3.  Monk and I were both worried about the language arts portion of the exam, mainly because I HATE teaching grammar and have largely neglected it.  He did fine, scoring right at 8th grade level.

4.  Sonlight has lived up to its promise of making Monk an avid reader.  His reading comprehension score was at 12th grade level.  They were blown away by this.

This school is happy to have our Monk for next year and I'm so relieved that I didn't mess him up for life by homeschooling him for the last 6 years!  I know that homeschooling isn't about academics.  I know that our first priorities for homeschooling have to do with wanting to be with our kids, instilling character, fostering close family ties, etc.  But I have always been afraid that I was doing them a disservice academically and it feels really good to know they're on track.

Do you test your kids to see if they're on grade level?


  1. Yes, my 2nd grader just finished her SAT today! This is our first year to homeschool and I'm so hoping she did really well. Yeah for Monk and for you!

  2. We are weak in math, our son scored 12th grade for reading in 5th grade, but here in the 8th grade he is still working on fractions.

    What made you decide to do private school?

    We are diving into high school this fall at home.

  3. Well, Monk did great! And I know it's nice validation for you! :) Olivia scored well on her ACT this year, and I was so happy! She had not taken a standardized test since elementary school.

    Email me soon....I am getting restless trying to rest. I overdid it again today! But I am in the recliner now. :)

  4. I think Monk's results are consistent with the general homeschooling community (above average in most subjects). This is an interesting report, although it compared homeschooled children with public school children:

    I haven't thought much about testing our kids. I know they're young, but we're approaching their education in a vigorous academic manner and the assumption is that they are way ahead of their non-homeschooled peers, especially in reading and math.

    Monk will probably graduate at the top of his class.



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