Thursday, February 16, 2012

TOS Review of See-N-Spell

If you're looking for an easy-to-use spelling reference, check out See-N-Spell, a new spelling and vocabulary quick reference guide by the makers of See-N-Read.  See-N-Spell helps writers to easily find the correct spelling to over 300 commonly used American English words.  See-N-Spell also helps you to easily differentiate homophones by listing them together.

Let me first say what See-N-Spell is not.  It's not your typical Spelling curriculum with lists of unrelated words and tests at the end of each section.  Rather, See-N-Spell is a handy tool that can make writing so much easier, no matter what Spelling curriculum you're using, if any.  I'm one of those people who sits with a dictionary at her elbow.  My spelling isn't atrocious, but I read a lot of British detective novels and always manage to muddle the English and American spellings in my mind.  I also have a knack for stumbling over words with multiple correct spellings like canceled (or is it cancelled?) and worshiped (or worshipped).  Which begs the question of why we have a rule that says we're supposed to double the ending consonant before adding a suffix, when it isn't always followed!  The joys of learning English!  Anyway, if you don't enjoy thumbing through the dictionary as much as I do, See-N-Spell's 40 page compact reference guide will be a big help to you.  The word lists are organized alphabetically by parts of speech followed by a section on homophones for each letter.  For instance, if you're having trouble with a word beginning with H, you simply turn to the H page and can see at a glance irregular verbs such as hide/hid/hidden and the different meanings of hangar and hanger.  It would be truly embarrassing (included in the commonly misspelled words list, by the way), to write about parking your airplane in its hanger!

I have to say my favorite section is the commonly misspelled words listed alphabetically at the back of the guide.  If the word I'm having trouble with is one that others struggle to remember, too, it's faster for me to use See-N-Spell than my dictionary or Google.  If the word I'm looking for isn't listed in See-N-Spell, then I just wasted about 15 seconds, not too bad.  And while I'm pretty quick with a dictionary, my 10 and 12 year olds save a lot of time using See-N-Spell.  The best part is you can purchase See-N-Spell for only $9.99!


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Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of See-N-Spell in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. This looks like a good resource to have. I have trouble with some of those same words. Thanks for the review!



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