Monday, February 6, 2012

Best Playmates

Do you have sets of best friends at your house?  Our big girls have their share of disagreements, but they're inseparable.  That's how it is with Prince (5) and Queen (3).  They are the BEST of friends!  

Building castles!

Check out my old Star Wars figures!  This girl cracks me up!

Lucie loves her brother so much!
My husband took our oldest 3 kids skiing today.  After Prince went to school, I was home with just Lucie and Calvin.  Lucie and I had a lot of one on one time.  We made playdough and cookies and had a great time.  I asked Lucie if she wished that she were an only child and she said no.  She said she'd miss her kids, as she calls them.  I think that's pretty cool.


  1. Olivia (16) and Julie (14) are best friends. But Julie also does a lot with Leah (8). Clay (12) and Sam (6) spend much of their time together, but when the older ones are doing school, Leah and Sam will play together for hours. Thankfully, my children get along well for the most part!

  2. It's hard to say with my four....they're 7, 5, 4, and 1 1/2. The older two are only 14 months apart, so they have been joined at the hip since they were babies. Now that Carrie (4 years old) is getting bigger she is very much involved with them as well. She and Beth (the oldest) spend a lot of time together, as they both enjoy girly things. Then she and Matt (he's 5) also play together a lot enjoying all those fun preschool activities. Poor little Katy Ann is just trying to keep up. All in all they are a very clanish bunch. They need each other...the military moves us so often that they end up having to say goodbye to their friends outside of the family sooner or later.



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