Sunday, January 1, 2012

90 Day Bible Challenge- Day 1- Pre-law law?

Miscellaneous Musings from Day 1-  Genesis 1-16

I love thinking about how Pentacost was Babel in reverse.  I know I've talked about that before, but it's just so cool and I was reminded again today of how God, in His grace, rescues His people from their just punishment.

I had a couple of new thoughts while reading about the incident where Abram lied about Sarai being his sister in Egypt.  Isn't it interesting that the Lord brought "great plagues" against pharoah and his house because of Sarai?  Fast forward 500 + years and you'd think the plagues that God brought against Egypt through Moses would have been a reminder, almost a calling card.  Remember Me?  The God of Abraham?  I'm back and I've come for My people.  I can't recall another instance of God sending plagues against a country in the Bible until Revelation.  What is it with Egypt and plagues?!

I also think it's so interesting that pharoah is angry with Abram when he realizes Sarai is his wife and not just his sister.  It always surprises me that the king of Egypt knew it was wrong to sleep with another man's wife.  Our culture tends to envision ancient man as barbaric, having no morals, and I think even in the church we tend to think of people prior to the Mosaic law as being basically lawless.  But, there must have been some sort of recognized code of conduct, and it must have come from God.  Romans 1 also supports the idea that those who reject the Lord do not do so out of ignorance, but because they suppress the truth about God in their unrighteousness.   This comes after the Mosaic law, but then Noah's generation was pronounced wicked in his day, as were Sodom and Gomorrah, both prior to the Mosaic law, so there must have been some righteous standard.  For that matter, Cain could not have been justly punished by God for murdering his brother if God had not prohibited it in the first place.   

Have you noticed anything new in your reading?  I'm so excited to be blogging through the Bible in 90 days again!  I hope to post at least weekly and would love for you to check in and comment if your reading along.  Happy reading!

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  1. We're on day 30-something, but I sure do look forward to reading your thoughts as you go along--it hasn't been *that* long ago since I was reading day 1. :) I am fascinated with how many children a patriarch does or doesn't have, and whether or not their children follow the Lord. I also have a new appreciation for the teaching/preaching I have sat under where pastors are able to help unpack the Old Testament.



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