Monday, December 5, 2011

TOS Review of Artistic Pursuits- Grade 4-6 Book Two

We were not new to Artistic Pursuits by Brenda Ellis when I received the opportunity to review it, which greatly added to my excitement and explains why I requested Grades 4-6 Book Two:  Color and Composition.  We had already worked through Book One on drawing last year so I knew my artistic daughter would love an intro to watercolors.

Each unit is divided into four lessons, one on observation which helps build a visual vocabulary, one on art appreciation and history, one that teaches new art techniques, and an application lesson that brings them all together.

Here's what I LOVE about Artistic Pursuits:

1.  It teaches art techniques incrementally.  You'll be amazed at what your kids can do when they work through Artistic Pursuits.  Grades 4-6 Book Two teaches color and composition.

2.  It teaches art history and art appreciation, too.  Each book focuses on a period of art or group of artists.  Grades 4-6 Book Two showcases master works by American artists.  Even if your son or daughter isn't destined to be the next Monet, they will receive a great art education by working through this series.

3.  Your kids can work through Artistic Pursuits independently.  I have absolutely no art skills, whatsoever, and am not competent to teach art.  I first purchased Artistic Pursuits because I wanted my artistic children to be able to pursue their passion, without having to depend on me.  It has not disappointed.

Artistic Pursuits is designed to be scheduled twice a week, allowing at least an hour for each session.  My daughter works fast in all her subjects.  It never takes her an entire hour and she usually does art 3-4 times a week.  Below, Twinkle Toes (10) showcases some of her recent creations.

If you have artistically inclined kids, but don't feel competent to teach art, this program is for you. 

A word of warning though, this is not a program for just fooling around with art, at least Grades 4-6 Book Two isn't.  All of the Artistic Pursuits books are reasonably priced at $42.95, but the art supplies can get pricey.  I spent $100 on the art supplies listed for Grades 4-6 Book Two ($35 alone for 12 Derwent Inktense watersoluble ink pencils).  I see that art supply packs are available through Artistic Pursuits at a reduced rate and  I could have purchased our supplies for $74 plus $11 shipping and handling.   I was happy to do it and consider it an investment in her future, because my daughter loves to create works of art.  I would not want to spend that much on a reluctant artist, however.


Please check out other TOS reviews of Artistic Pursuits, especially if you're interested in one of the other grade levels.

Disclaimer:  I was privileged to receive a complimentary copy of Artistic Pursuits Grades 4-6 Book Two in exchange for an honest review.

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