Saturday, June 11, 2011

That we may know it's by His hand and not by accident. Part 2- Our personal story.

Have you ever stopped and wondered how incredible it is that you exist?  Is it possible that you could be here by chance?  Or even by chance upon chance upon chance upon chance?

The Bible has much to say about the sovereignty of God and how His providential hand guides the circumstances of our lives, but we all experience it, too.  I want to demonstrate in this post how unlikely it is that my children exist.

Let's start with my husband and to do that I have to start with his dad.  My father-in-law was born dead.  Stillborn.  His mother continued working on him after everyone else had given up and miraculously (and I don't take that word lightly) she was able to revive him.  Years later while serving in the Air Force, his plane crashed in Alaska.  Everyone on the plane died, except for him.  Chance, again?  Then at the age of 33, before my husband had been conceived, he suffered from a massive heart attack while driving his car.  Again, miraculously a trucker stopped and helped him, and he survived yet another brush with death.  My in-laws had planned to stop having children after my husband's three older brothers were born.  Somehow by divine "accident" my husband was conceived and born 15, 13, and 8 years after his 3 older brothers.  And I can't even count how many brushes with death my husband has had over the years.  He's had so many accidents!  One time he was driving a little Ford Escort when he was involved in a collision and his knees went into the the dash and pinned him there.  That's what kept him from being thrown from the car!  Let's just say my husband is accident prone (and rides a motorcycle!!) and leave it at that.

Now onto me.  My mother was told early in her marriage to my dad that she would never have children.  She had to have one ovary removed early on and the remaining fallopian tube was severely scarred.  She and my dad were told to come to terms with their infertility.  Then my dad went to Vietnam.  He was a platoon leader in the 101st airborne division.  Not that the war wasn't dangerous, people were certainly dying all around him, but my dad's brush with death occurred when he was struck by lightning there in Vietnam.  By the grace of God, he lived, and suffered no long-term ill effects.  Fast forward to after the war, my infertile parents are now yuppies driving a Mercedez sports car in Houston, TX when they get into a life-threatening accident.  Not only did they live, but about a month later my mom learned she was pregnant.  I guess it took quite some jarring for that fertilized egg to make it through my mom's scarred fallopian tube and implant safely in her uterus.  Chance, again?

My husband and I shouldn't be here, and we wouldn't be, but by divine intervention.  We could all write a story like this.  Chance doesn't explain our existence and we all know that intuitively.  We're here by design and that Designer wants us to worship Him as the one and only God of the Universe.  Why are we here?  Because He wants us here.  And if I die tomorrow it won't be a life cut short, but a life fully lived according to God's plan.

Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.  And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.    Psalm 139:16

What's your personal story that defies chance?


  1. What an AWESOME post! I just love it! What a mighty God we serve. I'm glad all of you are here!

  2. That is incredible! I came back 4 times to work past computer problems so I could comment!! :)

  3. And I forgot to add that I was born a couple of months early and my mom was told I wouldn't live. Obviously, I did : ). I guess you could say our kids didn't have a chance : ). Good thing our lives don't depend on chance, but on the providence of God.


  4. so blessed by this Celee. Thank you. I think it is soooo wonderful that you see it that way. Not many people do.

  5. I preacher spoke about his brushes with death last night....he said God has a purpose for each of us...we must live every day to the fullest and take every opportunity to teach the lost!

    About the jump box--the box is for CrossFit. Insanity requires nothing but your own body and superhuman endurance. My knees are shot! I don't want to stop insanity, but my knees hurt so bad. I know it is the jumping and the squats. Have you done a Max workout yet? I have only done Max plyo, my set of DVDs is missing the first Max workout. I guess I will substitute a DVD from round 1 on those days. I am scared to do another Max workout!


  6. Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing :)

  7. Love this.

    My mom is the youngest of 10 children. I've always been so very thankful that my grandparents didn't stop at a 'wiser' number like 4 or 5, or even 9.

    God is good!



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