Saturday, June 4, 2011

Going to the Big D

Queen (2) is obsessed with swimming.  She's my first child I have to watch like a hawk around water.  She wants to swim so badly.  Anyway, we're going to Dallas tomorrow and I told the kids there's a pool at the hotel.  Queen packed her own suitcase.  Impressive, huh?  She included a swimsuit, swim cap, goggles, cover-up, and one t-shirt.  We'll be gone 6 days.  I guess she's planning on doing a LOT of swimming!

Since we're heading out of town tomorrow, Calvin (7 months) and Queen have both come down with a case of folliculitis.  I took Calvin to the doctor this morning and got him some antibiotics while Queen was at the ranch with her grandparents.  Then when I put her in the tub this afternoon I saw that she's covered up with it, too.  Great. 

It should be an interesting drive tomorrow.  We're not taking the motorhome because I have to drive Monk (12) to swim camp each morning at 7:30 am and can't see myself successfully navigating the RV in Dallas traffic and all over SMU's campus.  So, we're taking my beloved Suburban.  Actually, it's a GMC Yukon XL, and I LOVE it as much as it's possible to love a vehicle.  The only problem is we have 7 seats and 8 people.  So I ordered another seat from Little Seats about a month ago, but they said it would be 2 months until we get our seat.  The good news is I recently bought the kids suitcases from Pottery Barn.  Since all 6 suitcases are the same size and since four suitcases exactly take up the back-back with two more on top, I was able to create an 8th seat, sort of. 

Calvin's picture has nothing to do with our car or our trip to Dallas, but isn't he cute?  He hates being on his tummy, but he'll do it if he can look at himself in the mirror.  What a sweet boy!

And speaking of sweet boys, my first sweet boy had a birthday today.  He's 12!  Twelve years ago today, I became a mom.  Wow, how time flies!

Kind of a deer in the headlights shot, but you get the idea.  Cute and blonde : ).


  1. I have never hear of whatever your kids have, but I will take needing antibiotics as not good. I love Queen's packing!

  2. Happy birthday to Monk! He is a handsome feller. And sweet, adorable Calvin is in my prayers as is Queen.

    Your suggestion worked. I can comment again! Thank you!!



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