Saturday, June 11, 2011

A few photos from our Dallas trip

I didn't lug the camera around much since I was already lugging around Calvin, but did manage to snap a few shots.

Entrance to the Dallas World Aquarium

Prince was as interested in the touch screen experience as the real animals

Momma carrying her baby

Queen loves ducks.  Notice Prince keeping his eye on them... just in case.

In front of the penguins

Lucie fell in love with this penguin, but I forced myself to envision her shelf at home overflowing with stuffed animals and managed to pry it out of her hands.  OK, so I bribed her with a $5 souvenir fan that broke the next day. 

Isn't that a strange creature?  And it's supposed to have evolved

Standing underneath the shark aquarium.

I actually forgot to pack a stroller so Big D bought this one for us at Target.


Big D sporting his stylish hat that he bought while at Target.

Looking at the flamingos.

That smile is because her American Girl doll now has a "swim soup".

And one more because I love her smile.

The girls with their treasures.  We brought the dolls from home, but they each got a new outfit.

The girls on their way to Delicious Desserts.

Twinkle Toes (10) was a little disappointed as they only decorated the desserts, but didn't actually make them. 
Measle (almost 8) had a blast.  While the girls were decorating pastries, Big D, Prince, Queen, Calvin, and I walked the Galleria.
 We packed a lot into 5 days.  The kids had fun at Hurricane Harbor one afternoon while Calvin and I sweated it out looking on.  That was for the kids.  Big D and I had fun at Half-Price Books.  We came home with a box full of treasures.  Remember that make-shift seat-among-the-suitcases in the back-back that I told you about?  Well, it didn't work out so well.  Twinkle Toes got car sick and puked all over the back-back.  Thankfully she missed our box of books.

Monk enjoyed swim camp at SMU (our reason for the trip).  And I got a little nostalgic driving around the old neighborhood.  Big D and I met, dated, and married in Dallas.  I was living in University Park when we met at church in downtown Dallas.  I was sorry to learn that Hagen Das moved out of Highland Park Village and I kept intending to stop by Celebrity Cafe and get a piece of strawberry cake, but it wasn't meant to be.  That was disappointing, but we did get to eat at Cheesecake Factory in Lincoln Park. 

Though we had some fun food adventures, our highlight by far was reconnecting with friends.  I wish I had thought to take the camera to our friends' houses.  We ate supper with Noelle and her family at Triplesmiles.  I got to hang out with my oldest friend (bff since age 5), Teresa.  We ate at Cafe Brazil and swam at the Allen Natatorium.  I've asked you to pray for Teresa's family before.  Her precious baby girl Molly went home to be with the Lord about a year ago.  I'm happy to report to you that Teresa is expecting a baby boy in about 7 weeks.  And finally, we got to visit with some friends of ours that have recently moved to about the half-way point for us between Dallas and home.  They are also a homeschooling family with 6 kids.  We so enjoyed our time with them and are looking forward to their passing through here on their way to vacation in Colorado next month.  

It was a fun trip!

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