Sunday, January 6, 2013

My artistic, indoorsy husband becomes a mighty hunter

My husband is NOT the hunting type.  His hobbies include reading, playing the cello, reading, listening to sermons, reading, gardening, and reading.  He sometimes dreams of building a model train layout or becoming a goat farmer in New Zealand (that's why it's called "dreaming").  He never even owned a gun til he married into my family.  Once, about 14 years ago, a friend of his invited him deer hunting and my husband felt it rude not to accept.  He is NOT a morning person and did NOT have a good time freezing his you-know-what off in a deer blind at zero dark thirty.  I think he may have gone hunting with another friend 10 or so years ago, again so as not to be rude.  This was not his idea of fun, though, until very recently.

Again, it was one of my husband's friends who had been working on him for some time, trying to persuade him that they needed to go hunting.  This particular friend has a new smoker and was really interested in getting some meat.  Finally, he wore my husband down.

I admit to being irritated when he told me he was going hunting that Saturday.  We had a swim meet in a city 2 hrs away and I had been hoping to leave a couple of the little kids with him.  And it never crossed my mind that he would actually get anything.

I came home to this...

I think he was on a bit of a hunter's high or maybe he went deer crazy.  

My husband said to ask him about his beginner's luck.  I did and imagine my surprise when he told me he got two deer and a turkey!  What's really funny, or sad, is that he actually went hunting on our land, but it's leased out to a group of guys for the hunting season.  One of these hunters graciously served as a guide for my husband and his friend that day and as they were driving out to the blind, told my husband that there had been slim pickins this year and they had hardly gotten anything.  Then my husband gets two deer and borrows a different gun to shoot the turkey.

So my husband goes over to his friend's house, or garage actually, and they have what was evidently a meat butchering party.

What happened to my indoorsy, book-loving husband?  

Why is the song "Deliverance" ringing in my ears?
Well, at least I didn't have to SEE the dead animals, or the meat for that matter.

It gets better, or worse.  To be continued...

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