Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Snapshots

Calvin's hangout spot while Mom's in the kitchen. 
Daddy has this thing majorly rigged so that it will support Calvin's weight.

I didn't know Jumpstart Learning 1st Grade was so interesting! 
Prince said he just needs one more piece of knowledge. 
If life were only that simple.

Maybe I should rename Monk Spiderman.  We have 10 ft ceilings.

I came home the other day and Twinkle Toes had gotten out this 600 piece puzzle of the world. 
It's definitely a multi-day project.

It's a race to the finish.  Nice save back there.

Believe it or not, this is the face of victory.

And this of defeat?  Let's not tell her.

Silly sisters!

Girls slumber party.  Prince is sleeping in Monk's room. 
I guess that means we have 4 empty bedrooms tonight!

Calvin (9 months) just moved into his crib.  It's in our room : ). 

Hey, wait a minute.  That's my side!  See why I call her Queen?!

Much better.
We're loving the easy days of summer!  Now excuse me while I go to bed so I can be up by 6! How are you filling your summer days?


  1. love the pictures! Even though I have only spent two brief visits to your place, I always love that it seems so familiar now when you post pictures ;-)

    Whenever Jake and I talk about taking another cross country trip, we always throw in "Oh and lets stay with the Spidel's again!"

  2. I am filling my days with lots of work! But I still haven't gotten to my school planning yet....
    I am fixing to reread your post about organizing your Sonlight stuff this year.
    I really want to buy those cool colored binders that Samantha has....i hope I can come up with a use for them! Ha!

  3. Our summer days have been great. :)
    I think we'll do some of the three r's next week. probably. I feel good that our school year is planned. I'm thinking about trying some of the projects in our Keepers of the Faith book.
    Your children are climbing the walls. :)
    Love how your kiddos are playing together and having a slumber party. I think that is a huge blessing of homeschooling-the sibling relationships they build.
    Blessings to you



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