Friday, February 4, 2011

Before and after Calvin's first haircut

Today was the day.  Calvin's first haircut- at 3 mos 3 weeks old.  Big D threatened to go after him with the clippers if I didn't do something about his shaggy locks.  He said I would love it and he was right.  I really do!  He's even more handsome than before!

He's not smiling about his haricut, though.  I gave him some butternut squash from Big D's garden and he kept kicking his legs with glee.  I've never seen him smile so much.  I guess I've been starving him!  Now the growth spurt begins : ).


  1. I can't get over his hair! And I am so glad I know you cut it. Connor's is starting to hang over his ears and look a little like a mullet and we were thinking about cutting it but it's so hard to do that when they are so little!

  2. Awwwwww... He's so cute either way! His hair is awesome.

  3. LOL, I usually give haircuts at 2 years!! PS-I can come do to your house what I am doing to mine when I finish :)

  4. Oh Samantha, I'm so excited- when are you coming? Our kids can play while we organize! I think I have enough rooms to keep us busy for a LONG time : ).


  5. He is so adorable! You are blessed! Glad to see your doing well. My little one is two months already. The time just goes too fast! blessings,Marla



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