Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are there baby steps to becoming RADICAL?

The book Radical:  Taking Back your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt has really had me thinking and praying and talking with Big D.  I'm taking the one year challenge, but wondering if there might be baby steps to becoming radical.  Is that an oxymoron?  I mean, are radical and babysteps mutually exclusive?  My first reaction to the book was- we have to sell our big, beautiful house and buy a smaller, more practical one and give the difference.  Well, Big D has been in favor of down-sizing for some time now, but this all seemed a bit sudden to him.  I tend to obsess and want to act NOW, whereas he tends to count the cost when it comes to major decisions like this.  You see he's the one who will have to get the house ready to sell (think baseboards, tile projects, painting, etc.).  And we still have our Christmas lights up : ).  So yesterday Big D said, "Let's start with getting rid of cable."  I'm happy to report that as of today we no longer have a cable box or DVR.  We're saving a little over $60 a month (our cable was bundled with phone and high speed internet so we're actually paying a bit more for those now that we ditched the cable.)  Quickly, before I had a chance to spend the savings on mochas and frappes (another issue entirely) I went online to Rafiki foundation and found two children we could sponsor on a monthly basis.  I just love Rafiki.  They're dedicated not only to clothing and feeding children in 9 countries in Africa, but to giving them a steady diet of the Word of God.  Rafiki began as the missions branch of Bible Study Fellowship, International.  Wonderful Bible study materials have been written for these children for pre-K through high school.  We've helped support a missionary couple at Rafiki Village, Kenya for years, but this is our first time to help with child sponsorship through them.  I'm so excited!

Ok, I know this wasn't exactly sacrifical giving, (Big D is the one being inconvenienced since he likes to watch Fox news), but a baby step in the right direction, right?  Now, if only I'd get a handle on our Starbucks spending...  I'll save that for another post.

Seriously, though.  Can radical be attained one babystep at a time or does that defeat the whole point of being radical?  Of course, I don't really care about being radical so much as being obedient.  Does it take being radical to be obedient to the call of Christ?  It must seem radical to the lost world, anyway.

I've taken a few other baby steps like taking some baby clothes to our local crisis pregnancy center and some books to a local nursing home/rehab center.  And sending a small diaper donation to Bottom Blessings- a really cool ministry.  Hey, I told you these were just baby steps!  I know most of you have already been doing all these things.  Maybe that's why the Lord had me read this book at this time.  I needed a shove outside of myself and my family.  I need to set aside more time for others. 

Have you read the book Radical?  Anyone taking the one year challenge?

By the way, the kids and I are loving praying for the world.  We prayed for the Church in Albania today.  (And two of my kids now know how to locate Albania on a map of the world.)



  1. This was such an awesome post Celee! I totally know what you are talking about. I have debated this exact same point with myself and my husband on numerous occasions. I's both. There are times that God says "Do it big and do it now" and we cannot turn to him and say "ummm I can't, not all at once. Let me do it small first, then I will get there". But I truly believe there are those times that He starts to urge us with His amazing gentleness into the right direction. I can see soooo many baby steps in my walk with Him, that I can see He orchestrated. But inevitably one babystep leads quickly to another and before too long you actually are making HUGE changes. So, in my opinion, I think He does both. I just pray that when we tells me to do something BIG I obey.
    P.S this whole topic of obedience makes me think of the Paul Washer video from the 2009 Sufficiency of Scripture Conference. If you haven't seen it, it's good.

  2. I just read Radical last month. I think it is a great book! We are getting ready to have "secret church" on Good Friday. I know a lot of people are reading it at our church and I also see a lot of neat things happening there. It just seems like people are finally starting to notice others before themselves. I just found your blog I look forward to reading more when I can. Missy

  3. Radical by David Platt is one of the few books I would consider "life changing" and is definitely in the top 10 - if not top 5 - most influential books I have ever read. Dr. Platt challenged me in many ways, more than I can include in a brief review here, but the one thing I have been constantly reminded of and had a renewed understanding and appreciation of is the grace of God in my life today. And as I reflect further on the grace God has shown me individually I am more motivated to respond to Him in a lifestyle that shares his love with those around me. I am more convinced than ever that I need to do a better - meaning more intentional - job of sharing Jesus with people I come in contact with every day; and I also need to be prepared to share Christ with those outside my own little circle of influence.



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