Saturday, December 5, 2009

You know it's time to organize your puzzles when...

You know it's time to organize your puzzles when...
...your puzzle drawers look like this

...and you have puzzles coming out your ears.
Step 1- Work the puzzles.

Notice anything about these puzzles? Don't you just hate it when you're missing pieces?
With as many pieces as we're missing, I'm surprised they don't turn up from time to time. It's a mystery kind of like how socks go missing from the dryer.

I was so excited that each number had all its pieces until I realized we're missing number 9. Not one piece, but all 9 pieces of number 9!!
Well, it wasn't all bad news. At least half of the puzzles had all their pieces. Now it's just a matter of condensing our puzzle collection to one location and organizing them. Check back to see about my progress.


  1. Hey there! :) I got my paypal fixed for my book. It was set up wrong. I'm SO glad you brought that to my attention. THANKS!

    Go ahead and try again. It's working now. (I hope!)
    Have a peaceful and blessed Sunday.
    PS I totally get the puzzle problem. I'm down to owning just a few puzzles at a time. When we're sick of them, I find more at garage sales (except I don't buy puzzles at sales where I can't count the pieces! ha!) GOOD LUCK!

  2. So what did you decide to do with the puzzles that have missing pieces? It seems such a waste to just throw them away....but what can you do?
    Are you planning to run this week? Would your friend consider running with you? Yall could start very slowly.....walk 10 minutes, followed by run 2 walk 2 for 10 minutes then walk 10 minutes. You can do google searches for couch potato to 5K and find a plan.
    Keep me posted!

  3. The puzzles with missing pieces are now baby Lu's puzzles.

    Well, I ran the other day. I'm just about over my sore hip flexors and will run again tomorrow.

  4. lol1 oh boy that looks familiar!

  5. Hi,
    I just found your blog through the Blog Frog. Great post.

    I've found that if I use large manilla envelopes or freezer bags for the puzzles with frames, it helps to keep all the pieces together. For the puzzles in boxes, I try to keep like sizes together. ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Home

  6. Well, we had a puzzle working party this afternoon. My 8 yr old handled all the 100 piece puzzles. My 6 and 3 yr old worked the 60 and fewer piece puzzles and I tried to organize. It's much better now and we were able to keep most of them. I was amazed we had all the pieces for the 5 or 6 100 piece puzzles we have. Does that make sense?



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