Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One of those Days

Have you ever had one of those days where you start out thinking you're totally in control and prepared for whatever life throws at you?

Why wouldn't you be able to handle it? You're prepared. Bible study done. Check. Dinner already prepared and waiting in the fridge. Check. Early start on homeschool so kids will be done by doctors appointment at 1:30. Check.

Then you can't find your purse and know you had it last night when you returned from Wal-mart. You search everywhere and it's gone. You know it's been stolen. The 3rd time your purse has been stolen out of your car. (Yes, I know I'm a slow learner.) So you start making phone calls. Bank. Husband. But you're running late to the doctor's appointment so off you race after grabbing a new checkbook out of your drawer.

You're so frazzled about your purse that you don't even think to look at your gas guage and although you make it safely to the doctor's office you realize upon leaving that you're stranded because you've managed to run out of gas. Have you ever had one of those days?

So then you call your husband and can't get him. You still don't have a cell phone so you're using the phone in the doctor's office and call your mom next. Your mom doesn't have her car today either.

But, she calls her mom, your Granny, who drives to your mom so she can come pick you up and rescue you. Then she takes you to the bank where you undo all the holds and stops on your accounts because your 8 yr old had just squashed your purse down the crack in the passenger seat of the car and it wasn't stolen after all. Then your husband and dad go fill your car up with gas and bring it home to you. Have you ever had one of those days?


  1. OH bless your heart! I am so sorry! Tomorrow will be better!

  2. YES!!!!! I have!!!! We ran out of gas like that! All that you have said, I COMPLETELY understand!!!!!!! I am so sorry! But remember to laugh about it!

  3. Yes I have! I am so glad that your purse was not stolen! I try to get gas every time I buy groceries...once a week...whether I need it or not. If I stick to this plan, I never get dangerously low.
    I hope today is wonderful!
    Are you running this week? Ha!

  4. What a day!! What mother's go through! :) So glad you found it though... sorry it was such a rough day. :( the pics were adorable!

  5. Yes, with 5 kids I have also had plenty of those days. At least you found your purse. Hopefully it all gets back to normal before long. I was recently reading your posts on adoption since we just lost our 6th baby 3 weeks ago due to a molar pregnancy and saw that you live in Amarillo, Tx. Is that right? Wow! What a small world. I grew up in Pampa and my sister lives in Amarillo. We live in New York only because that is where God has placed us. His desires, not ours.

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement, ladies! My day did end on an up note yesterday. I am so blessed to have the wonderful family that God has given me!

    It really is a small world, Debbie.

  7. yes! I have had those days... I LOVE the series of pictures you have with this post! SO glad your purse was safe and sound!

  8. I'll repeat others and say Bless Your Heart! I have had one of those days.

  9. Those days are rough!!!

    Mrs. White



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